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FINALLY got to read this! I can resonate with a lot of your journey, and a great job capturing it! Off to read part two. <3

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Love this! :)

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Remarkable insights into the various labyrinthine paths and personal contortions would-be writers go through when they aim high but encounter illusory monetary and personal payoffs. It’s gotta be a really tough life trying to make a living as a writer, or more than that, make big bucks. Very few can do that, I have come to believe. And the whole writing industry is undergoing seismic changes.

I wrote for a living for years as a reporter and editor at small town newspapers. Every newspaper reporting job involves the lowest of pay, but it succeeds in drawing in talented writers because journalism types as a general rule are inquisitive, well read, and, early in their careers, highly idealistic, as I most certainly was. The last thing I thought about was my salary as long as I could pay the rent. I always had the opportunity to write a weekly column, which was my outlet for a modicum of creative expression. Later with the coming of the Internet, and after I had left the newspaper profession, I turned to an online writing community that over years became a life-affirming and totally satisfying outlet for my personal essays. The 30-50 regular readers I had, who always left highly thoughtful notes, gave me the feeling I craved of fulfillment in writing, over reaching others on a deep level. That was never possible before the Internet.

So for years I had a career separate from my writing that paid the bills. Late at night the personal essays flowed out. They still do. It’s not anything to do with money. I have a small but dedicated readership. That’s all I want. Writing some kind of bestseller seems preposterous to me. The personal essay was and always will be the only type of writing I care to do.

I look forward to delving into a Part 2 of your series on the writing life.

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Well-written, Sam! Looking forward to part 2. A lot of this resonates with me as well.

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I hear you loud and clear...and in many, many ways...I have traveled the same frustrating roads as you. It is not simple to embrace the truth in the heart and have enough courage to be that person. I'm looking forward to reading your part II!

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