Apr 7, 2023Liked by Theresa "Sam" Houghton

A tense and dramatic showdown, a battle pitting the forces of light and darkness. The symbolism is palpable, a bit too obvious, but you are leaving no stone unturned to explicate what the protagonist is up to. It’s clearly delineated with the name Abbadon.

The protagonist is weak without Joshua. She needs to be able to stand on her own. If that means fleeing the monster and seeking new shelter for emotionally battered women, then she must find a way. It is evident that violence can only come from him.

On to Part 3

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So good! Can't wait for part 3! :) You are rocking this story, Theresa! Keep up the good work!

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Mar 11, 2023Liked by Theresa "Sam" Houghton

Excellent, Sam, you are a truly gifted writer. Can't wait to read Part 3!

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Mar 10, 2023Liked by Theresa "Sam" Houghton

Like Part 1, I love this story even more upon reading it again, Sam!

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